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Creative_Meow Update

I'd like to apologise for being so quiet lately... the last couple of weeks have been rather hard. I've just returned from London after staying with my Nan. My Great Aunty, passed away last week after a long battle with cancer.  She is greatly missed by all of us, but she can rest now...

I know I am behind on everything, but will be working to catch up on emails and journals over the next two days before my workshifts start again. I'll also try to get another batch of bases up in the coming days. But now I need to sleep.

Love and Hugs to all xxx

Icon Bases: Lady and the Tramp

Requested at DA - 350 Lady and the Tramp bases. I'm not posting them individually as theres just too many, but they are zipped at DA for download if you would like them :)

Lady and the Tramp Zip download available HERE @ DA

I would also like to thank disneyscreencaps.com for being such an awesome site :D All of the pictures came from there and I had oodles of fun choosing pictures to use :) 


Icon Bases: Winter

Requested over at DA :) I know for most it's Summer, but I know a few people playing in snow and cold weather right now ;)

100 Icon Bases - WinterCollapse )