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Creative Meow

Graphics by Sardistri

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Bases to play with and icons to snag.


About: This is just a small community to post anything I make – for the most part it will be bases but I occasionally make icons too :) Above all, I do this for fun, so come in, relax and snag whatever you want :D

Membership: The community is open membership and unmoderated. To join all you have to do is click on ‘Join’, but remember that if you want any updates to show on your friends page, you will need to watch the community as well ;)

Rules: Editing bases is not only allowed but encouraged - you don't need to ask permission! Just have fun :) No hotlinking, it makes kittens cry. Always be polite to myself and other members :)

Commenting: Please comment when taking - it helps me know what you like best - what type of batches you would like to see more of!

Credit For Bases: If makers could please put creative_meow on their resource list to help spread the word I would really appreciate it! :)

Credit For Icons: I haven’t made many icons, though intend to try my hand at them a little more in the months to come. But if you do use them – or use my bases as icons, again, please credit creative_meow - thank you!

Suggestions: If you have any suggestions for different themes for bases you would like to see please leave a comment here: Ideas and Suggestions . Don't be shy, I love to know what people think :)

Deviantart: You can now find all of my bases in zip files at my deviantart account HERE - much easier all round!

Resources: All of my resources thus far are listed in this post here (This list is currently under construction!)

Important Note: I've started a new job with very long hours - I may sometimes be slow to reply to a comment or question. I promise I am not being rude, just slightly incoherent with lack of sleep or time! ;)

profile by Citta Costiera


Artisticons:Expressions of Creativity ~ valoqueen ~ basicbases ~ colorsof_autumn

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